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If free member registration is carried out, you can see "service of B10F" -"present from B10F" - "free sample animation only for a member."

Easy and free member registration
1. A Name (nickname) and an E-mail address are inputted.
2. Those who can protect terms of service need to put in the check [on which it agrees with terms of service], and need to push the button [which progresses to the next].
3. I transmit a password to the E-mail address of registration. Please enter an E-mail address password and log in.

Although registration ended, when not delivering e-mail,[A help and an inquiry]Please contact me.

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・Since the mail from our company may go into a troublesome folder, the user [ free e-mail services (Hotmail, MSN mail, Windows LIVE mail, nifty mail, in part YAHOO mail etc.) ] needs to confirm also there.Ways of coping should look at here.
・Since a password cannot be checked even if it registers by others' E-mail address, the sample movie only for a member cannot be seen.

Terms Of Service
Terms of Service This B10F Web Site (the "B10F Site") is owned and operated by B10F.jp Co., Ltd.("B10F") Japan. These Terms of Use (the "Terms") apply to and govern your use of the B10F Site, and your use of the B10F Site signifies your agreement to be bound by the Terms. 1. Application of Terms The Terms shall apply to all persons (the "User" or "Users") who access to the B10F Site to look to or listen to data, documents, software, videos, voices, photographs, images and so one. The Terms shall include other specific terms of use and rules (the "Specific Terms and Rules") as provided by B10F separately from the Terms. Should there exist any conflict between the Terms and the Specific Terms and Rules, the Other Terms and Rules shall prevail over the Terms. A notification by B10F as described in Section 3 below shall constitute part of the Terms. 2. Amendment of Terms B10F shall have the right to modify, add or remove, at its discretion, any terms or conditions of the Terms without the prior consent of the Users, and the Users shall agree such modification, addition or removal by their continuous use the B10F Site. Such modification, addition or removal as described in the preceding paragraph shall become effective upon the upload thereof on the B10F Site. 3. Notification by B10F B10F may from time to time notify the User of a necessary matter by e-mail, posting on the B10F Site or any other appropriate way as determined by B10F. 4. Use of B10F Site The Users shall access to the B10F Site to look to and/or listen to, at their risk and responsibility, data, documents, software, videos and movies, voices, photographs, images and so on. The Users agree to the Terms and, at their responsibility and expenses, arrange and prepare for all necessary equipments on usertheir sides, such as communication devises, software and public network line, and make use of the B10F Site. The Users shall, at their responsibility and expenses, maintain and manage such equipments so as to make use of the B10F Site without interruption. B10F shall make no warranty on the Users, use of any other site as linked to the B10F Site, which shall be used by the Users, at their risk and responsibility. The User agrees and acknowledges that the B10F Site includes data, documents, software, videos and movies, voices, photographs, images and so on for adult contents. The service of the B10F Site for adult shall be limited to the persons over eight teen (18) years old, which shall, at their own responsibility, make use of the B10F Site. 5. Prohibited Matters The Users agree that they shall not: (1) falsify or delete the information, or transmit or post the information contradictory to the facts, on the B10F Site; (2) infringe or threaten to infringe copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property right of B10F, other User or third party; (3) discriminate or defame B10F, another user or any other third party, or injure its reputation or credibility; (4) infringe or threaten to infringe right to assets, right of privacy, right of publicity, right of portrait of B10F, another user or any other third party; (5) transmit e-mails for advertisement, promotion, solicitation or the like to B10F, another user or any other third party without permission, or transmit e-mails repugnant to receivers, or interfere others’ receiving e-mails, or ask for transmit chain mails or respond to and transmit chain mails; (6) transmit e-mails which addressee feels repulsion; (7) commit crimes such as fraud or make acts to link to crimes; (8) make and start pyramid scheme and recruit others into it; (9) transmit and post images and/or documents which are indecency or fall upon child abuse; (10) make election campaigns or similar conducts, or violate laws for public election; (11) use, provide or recommend harmful programs such as program containing viruses; (12) pretend to be another user or a third party and use the B10F Site; (13) try to make unlawful access to other computer systems or networks connected with the B10F Site; (14) except for the foregoing, violate laws and regulations or public policy (such as prostitution, violence or cruelty), or give disadvantage to B10F, another user or any other third party; (15) promote and encourage any of the forgoing conducts; or (16) except for the foregoing, do things inappropriate in the judgment of B10F. 6. Maintenance The Users understand and agree that B10F may suspend the B10F Site, in whole or in part, for the purposes of its maintenance, on account of any of the following reasons without prior notice: (1) where the B10F Site is maintained, remodeled or otherwise reconstructed; (2) where there has arisen any impediment in or to the equipments of the B10F Site; (3) where telecommunication services become unavailable due to any trouble arisen in telecommunication services as provided by first class telecommunication carrier or any other telecommunication carrier; or (4) where suspension of the B10F Site is needed, in the judgment of B10F, for operational or technical reason. 7. Liability for Damages In the event that any User causes any loss or damage to any third party, such User shall, at its responsibility and expenses, take liability for and indemnify such third party against such loss or damage. In addition, andwhere the B10F Site is linked to or by the site of any third party, B10F shall not be liable for, or obligated to do anything, for the conduct of such third party or any consequence thereof. 8. Intellectual Property Rights All information (including, but not limited to documents, images, photographs, voices, videos and movies and programs) acquired by the Users in accessing and browsing the B10F Site are protected by the copyright, patent, trademark or any other intellectual property right, or the applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, the Users shall not infringe or threaten to infringe any of such information, by copying, reproduction or any other means. 9. Exemption The Users understand and agree that B10F shall take no liability for the loss or damage as caused to the Users to make access to the B10F Site for its use, for any reason whatsoever. 10. Jurisdiction The Users acknowledge and agree that the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan shall have the exclusive jurisdiction, as the first trial court, over any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Terms and/or the Specific erms and Rules of B10F. 11. Applicable Law The Terms and/or the Specific Terms and Rules of B10F shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. 12. Termination of Services under the B10F Site B10F may terminate, at any time, all or any of the services of the B10F Site, without cause, by prior notice made through the B10F Site or any other way. 13. Supplementary Provisions Enacted on May 1, 2006.
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